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A Helmet That Purifies The Air We Breathe!    


Air Smart Purifier: A Helmet That Purifies The Air We Breathe!

Evolet, air-purifying helmet is a definite masterstroke for cities that have been reeling under air pollution.  These unique helmets  with smart capabilities and air purifier will  help two wheeler riders  breathe fresh air  and are all set to help them by making their lives easier and keeping them safe at the same time.  The helmet has range of smart features via Bluetooth, that can be paired with a mobile app. listen to music and attend calls. The helmets will be available on shelves by June 2020 through Evolet authorised outlets.


1) The smart helmet has an air purifier on its back and comes with replaceable filter design, the mechanism cleans the air that enters allowing biker to breathe fresh air.
2) The cleaning unit itself is battery-operated and carries a 2600 mAh unit that can be charged via a micro-USB port on the helmet.
3) The helmet has range of smart features via Bluetooth, that can be paired with a mobile app.
4) The Battery LED colors codes indicate charge status, when system is operated.

  • Red:-< 30% Remaining.
  • Green:- > 30% Remaining

5) The app allows the rider to track how dirty the helmet is, and when it requires cleaning.
6) The charging time required is two hours to fully charge the device. The Backup ranges from 4 to 6 hours depending on the fan operating speed.
6) The leather padding and protective layers of the helmet are detachable.
7) The helmet follows all the standards kept by the government, around 1.6 kg in weight.

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