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An Electric Bus, built on Monocoque with a tubular structure, available in the City Bus and Inter-city Luxury Bus format


Lancer, Electric Bus from REM stable, produces 7m to 12m length buses. With a top speed of 100 kms/ hr and drive range from 150 to 400 kms, Lancer is available in the City bus format and inter-city luxury bus format. The buses are powered by 614.4V/ 360Ah, 221 Kwh that draws its power from 4X2=8 battery packs. Lancer buses are all air-conditioned & have air-suspension. The models are all designed in-house and manufactured at Hyderabad, India except the Motors, associated components and batteries which are procured from various countries. The battery bank will sustain for minimum of 10 years or 4000 cycles. The 12m bus is available in three variants of floor heights – 400mm, 650mm and 800 mm.

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