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ETV Bharat-Evolet launches Warrior – India’s first electric quad bike and three electric scooters

New Delhi: At a time when Government of India is pushing Indian automobile manufacturers towards e-vehicles, Evolet scooters, part of Rissala Electric Motors Pvt Ltd has launched three electric scooters and India’s first electric quad bike.

Evolet launches Warrior – India’s first electric quad bike and three electric scooters

The range which Rissala introduced included are Polo, Derby, Pony and Warrior. Derby comes with waterproof BLDC motor in two variants namely Derby EZ with 60 V/30 Ah VRLA battery and Derby Classic with 60 V/30 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. The price of these e-scooters start at Rs. 39,000 and ends at Rs. 60,000.

On the other hand, Pony electric scooter is also available in two variants namely Polo Pony EZ with 48 V/24Ah VRLA battery and Polo Pony Classic with 48V/24 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. While Polo Pony EZ is priced at Rs 39,499, the Polo Pony Classic can be yours for Rs 49,499.

Speaking to ETV Bharat, spokesperson of Rissala Electric Motors Pvt Ltd, Prerna Chaturvedi said: “Doing something different has become part of our DNA. Let’s give something back to our mother nature.”

“Let’s move into a different vertical from where we can progress from being responsible citizens into doing some responsible business”, added Chaturvedi.

Lithium is an important component of the manufacturing of E-vehicles. And, as the largest producer of it, Argentinian ambassador to India Daniel Chuburu said, “There is a great opportunity for cooperation between India and Argentina in this field. We are the big producers of Lithium and we believe that with technology developed in India for E-vehicles we can be providers of Lithium.”


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