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The Rissala way of LIFE..

Our Corporate Overview

It is a unique way of life which represents an innovative mentality and lifestyle in prime quality to hand over a rich and colorful life experience for our generations to come.It takes a many generations and many lifetimes to build a fortune and a future… but “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

We have structured the building blocks that are always a step ahead … as a natural progression from being Responsible citizens to doing Responsible business.

An enduring characteristic of all our indulgence is the stress on providing mother earth with the care, and of course, learning to live and care and share. The company takes particular care in ensuring that its actions ensure sustainable coexistence with nature and care for our future generations..

Today, we are a team of army, air force and navy officers/ polo players/ businessmen but most importantly friends with a zest for life, leading us to our latest initiative “RISSALA ELECTRIC MOTORS” which strives for a greener planet, thus giving back to the community a life experience.

Lifestyle is a Personal Choice


Our mission is to design, develop and build the most advanced and easy to drive electric motorcycles in the world. Motorcycle with iconic design, with maximum performance and the most advanced materials and technologies.


In fulfilling this mission we remain faithful to our values of craftsmanship, innovation and total dedication to excellence. ….evolving forever… ON THE ELECTRIC MOBILITY…. becoming the EVOLET.


Owning an Evolet is a matter of prestige as virtually every model the company has developed till date is a landmark in its respective surroundings.
Apart from meeting the evolving lifestyles of urban families, all these vehicles are also excellent and ensured savings and growth in value, thus giving buyers the twin advantages of a proud vehicle and a good investment for the owner and mother earth.


“Evolet” constantly evolves by combining traditional scooters, motorcycles with today’s most advanced technology, REM produces high performance vehicles that are lightweight, reliable, efficient, fast off the line and fun to ride.