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All about the brand Evolet

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Veterans Defence Officers now fighting a different battle—the fight for clean air and good technology!
Evolet, an EV startup by military veterans makes a mark in e-mobility.

We take much pride in introducing to you our humble endeavour in contributing to the world of electric vehicles, a brigade of game-changers – Evolet.
The future is electric. And Evolet offers a look into the future of world-class electric vehicles with an eye towards sustainability. A part of Gurugram based Rissala Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd. (REM), Evolet is a brand of new-age electric vehicles manufacturing scooters, motorcycles, quad bikes, mopeds, autos, ambulances and buses with ARAI and ICAT certification that have electrified the electric vehicle market while caring for nature.

Rissala Group holds various business verticals in hospitality, wellness, lifestyle, sports, aviation, and progressive agriculture. We are poised for the next phase of growth with our new Electric Vehicle venture ‘Rissala Electric Motors’. The company is led by Veteran Defence Officers, with nearly three decades of hands on access and experience in world’s best technologies, condensed into ‘Evolet’ products. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat – Founder and Squadron Leader Prerana Chaturvedi- CEO are duly assisted by a dedicated and passionate team.

The aim of this venture was to provide clean, quiet, friendly, and affordable electric two wheeler to defence forces. Over 1-2 years the military veterans tested more than 2000 vehicles in various models of two wheeler, four wheeler in extreme weather conditions; from hot deserts to heights & chills and thus began their commercial venture into e-mobility space.

REM launched its brand ‘Evolet’ with its range of EV models in September, 2019 at NCR. Subsequently the flagship showroom was opened at Gurugram. The manufacturing facilities are situated at Haryana, Hyderabad and Chennai offering 13 products in various segments. Our Bilaspur, Haryana facility has a built-up area of 1.4 lac sq.ft with manufacturing capacity of 3.5 lakh two-wheeler per annum. The Hyderabad and Chennai facility too are fully-equipped to produce 1500 buses per annum and is spread in an area of over 2 lakh sq. ft.

In line with our objective to establish a nationwide presence, we are aggressively charting our plan to open 100 plus dealerships across India in 2020-21 for our two wheeler division. We have finalized our dealerships in the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, besides Nepal and Bangladesh. The company has also identified key exports markets within Asia Pacific and the Middle East and plans to start export of products within a year.

The models are fully equipped with advanced features such as IOT enabled mob app, giving riders information on battery health, charging status, and security tracking on the phone using GPS besides reliability and mileage. Efficient after sales service, quick availability of spare parts, and light weight swappable batteries (available in Lithium) and Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery –VRLA models are our topmost strategies for ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Evolet plans to invest more in terms of technology, people, aftermarket network, spares & service and will continue to invest and grow in EV space. Going forward, the company is also looking for entering into strategic partnership to co-develop, market and distribute its new range of electric products for the emerging market. Evolet strength in value-focused engineering with technical expertise and access to future technology are a potent recipe for forging alliances.

We are providing environmentally-friendly mobility solutions to our customers, associates and communities thus, becoming an integral part of India’s evolving EV roadmap by assisting all stakeholders in the change management. To amplify our support, we are adopting comprehensive strategies to secure charging infrastructure not only for Evolet customers but for other brands as well.

We have also launched our full-scale 360 degree integrated campaign ‘Go Green’ to promote the brand ‘Evolet’ and along with it is relaying social messages on Road Safety and Environmental Sustainability. We have allocated around 100 acres of private prime fertile land under Rissala Group, situated at Karnal, Haryana where we are planting one tree against the sale of each of Evolet vehicle to propagate the positive impact on environment.

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