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Auto Portal- Evolet Electric Scooters Launched in India, Price Starts At Rs 39,000

  • Rissala Electric Motors, a Gurgaon-based bike manufacturer debuts in the Indian electric automobile sector with four Evolet e-scooters.
  • The Evolet e-scooters named Polo, Derby, and Pony cost in the range of Rs 39,000 to Rs 59,999.
  • The Warrior Electric Quad bike costs Rs 1.40 lakhs.

At the launch of the four Evolet e-scooters, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister announced that the Central Government is committed to promoting electric vehicles and renewable resources to conserve the environment. The Government will ensure the smooth transition from fuel-based vehicles to electric vehicles. As awareness increases, the demand for electric vehicles also rises. This launch is a step towards ensuring that Indians have cleaner air to breathe.

E-scooter variant Features Price range
Evolet Polo EZ

Evolet Polo Classic

Lead-acid battery, 48V/24Ah

48V/24Ah Li-ion battery

Rs 44,499

Rs 54,499

Derby e-motorcycle EZ

Derby e-motorcycle Classic

60V/30Ah Lead-Acid battery

60V/30Ah Li-ion battery

Maximum speed – 25kmph

Range – 60km

Rs 46,499

Rs 59,999

Polo Pony EZ 48V/24Ah Lead-Acid battery

48V/24Ah Li-ion battery

Maximum speed – 25kmph

Mileage – 60km

Rs 39,499

Rs 49,499

Warrior – Electric quad bike 72V/40Ah Li-ion battery

Power – 3kW

Maximum speed – 60kmph

Reverse Speed – 20kmph

Mileage – 50km

Rs 1.40 lakhs


Manufactured in Bilaspur, Haryana, the company initially plans to target the auto market in Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana, UP, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. They plan to spread throughout India in the next two months.

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Evolet Electric Scooters Launched in India, Prices Start at Rs 39,000

The higher-end variants of the e-scooters are IoT enabled. The Evolet app helps provide info such as battery health and status, GPS, security tracking, and notifications of servicing. The Company is also providing a Turbocharger to charge the batteries within three hours


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